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Plugins Tab

This tab contains settings that control the discovery and availability of plugins.

plugins tab
  • General

    • Scan for Plugins will initiate an immediate scan of the system for available plugins.

    • Always Display Plugin Scan Progress When enabled a popup window showing plugin scan progress is displayed for indexing (cache load) and discovery (detect new plugins).

    • Scan Time Out Specify the default timeout for plugin instantiation in 1/10 seconds. Plugins that require more time to load will be blacklisted. A value of 0 disables the timeout.

  • VST

    • Clear VST Cache Remove all VST plugins from the list of plugins available to be inserted into the processor box.

    • Clear VST Blacklist Make blacklisted VST plugins available to be added to the processor box.

    • Scan for [new] VST Plugins on Application Start When enabled new VST plugins are searched, tested and added to the cache index on application start. When disabled new plugins will only be available after triggering a 'Scan' manually.

    • Linux VST Path: Launch a dialog to manage the directories that will be searched for Linux VST plugins.