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This tab contains settings that affect Ardour's Interface.

gui tab
  • Graphically indicate mouse pointer hovering

  • Use name highlight bars in region display When enabled the region name is displayed, in the editor, in it's own bar at the bottom of the region. When disabled, the region name is display at the top of the region, possibly over audio waveforms or MIDI notes.

  • Font scaling allows the display size of some text in the user interface to be scaled up or down. May require a restart to take affect.

  • Update transport clock display at FPS when enabled the transport clock will update at the synchronization framerate instead of the default 100 ms rate.

  • Lock timeout Lock GUI after this many idle seconds (zero to never lock). GUI may also be locked with Session > Lock. When locked a dialog will display a "Click to unlock" button.

  • Mixer Strip Enable (checked) or disable (unchecked) display of controls in the mixer strip. Controls whose display can be toggled are Input, Phase Invert, Record & Monitor, Solo Iso/Lock, Output, and Comments.

  • Use narrow strips in the mixer by default When enabled, new mixer strips are created in narrow format. When disabled, they are created in wide format. Existing mixer strips width can be toggled with the width control at the top left of the mixer stip.