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The Track Menu

The Track menu is where one can deal with the tracks, busses and control masters.

Add Track, Bus or VCA…Shows the Add Track, Bus or VCA… window, where one can add one or more tracks, busses or control masters to the session and define its parameters
Duplicate Tracks/Busses…Shows the Duplicate Tracks and Busses window, allowing to duplicate the selected track(s) and optionnaly, its playlist
Toggle Record EnableSets the Record Enable mode On on the selected track(s). These tracks will record audio/midi next time the global record is active and playback is started.
Toggle SoloSets the solo On on the selected tracks, so only these tracks will play
Toggle MuteMutes the selected tracks, they wont play until unmuted
Insert TimeShows the Insert Time window, allowing to insert a blank time in the selected tracks' playlist
Remove TimeSame as above, but to remove time
Move Selected Tracks UpChanges the position of the selected tracks one track up towards the top. In the mixer, the tracks will be moved to the left.
Move Selected Tracks DownSame as above, towards the bottom
Fit Selection (Vertical)Will fit the selected track(s) in the window. If too many tracks are selected, they'll be reduced to their minimum height.
LargestSets the selected tracks height to a very high value, hence making the tracks wide on screen
LargerSame as above, but a little less high
LargeSame as above, but again less high
NormalSets the height of the track to its default value which is a trade-off between readability and number of tracks displayed
SmallReduces the size of the tracks to a low value, increasing the number of on screen tracks
Toggle ActiveToggles the active state of a track. An inactive track will be grayed and wont play any sound. That can be seen in the A colomn of the Tracks and Busses List
RemoveDeletes this track and its playlist (no file is harmed in the process, and the regions from the playlist stay in the Editor for later use)