Adding Tracks, Busses and VCAs

the add-track dialog

A track, bus or VCA can be added to a session in various ways:

  • Choose Track > Add Track, Bus or VCA….
  • Right-click in an empty part of the track controls area.
  • Click the Plus (+) button underneath the list of tracks in the mixer.

Any of these actions will open the Add Track/Bus/VCA dialog.

Here you can select the number of tracks, busses or VCAs you wish to create, and their types.
Defines the name of the new track(s). If multiple tracks are created, or if a track with the same name already exists, a space and number will be happened at the end (e.g.: Audio 1, Audio 2…)
This menu lets you choose from a number of route templates, which determine the number of input ports and optionally contain plugins and other mixer strip configuration. The most common choices here are mono and stereo.
Record mode
This option is only available for audio tracks and affects how it behaves when recording. See Track Modes for details.
This option is only available for MIDI tracks and busses and lets you select a default instrument from the list of available plugins.
Tracks and busses can be assigned groups so that a selected range of operations are applied to all members of a group at the same time (selecting record enable, or editing, for example). This option lets you assign to an existing group, or create a new group.
Defines where in the track list is the track created. The default is Last, i.e. after all the tracks and busses, and can also be First, Before Selection (to place it just above the selected track) or After selection.
Output Ports
Defines how the number of output responds to adding a plugin with a different number of outputs than the track itself. in Strict I/O mode, the track will only use a few of the plugins I/O and will keep its own number of output fixed, while in lexible I/O mode, it will automatically adapt to the I/O of its plugins. See Signal flow to learn more about those options.

New tracks appear in both the editor and mixer windows. The editor window shows the timeline, with any recorded data, and the mixer shows just the processing elements of the track (its plugins, fader and so on).

Removing Tracks and Busses

To remove tracks and busses, select them, right-click and choose Remove from the menu. A warning dialog will pop up, as track removal cannot be undone; use this option with care!