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Video Timeline and Monitoring

Ardour offers a video timeline and video monitoring for convenient audio mixing and editing to video, in order to produce film soundtracks and music videos, or perform TV postproduction tasks.

The video capabilities are:

  • Import a single video and optionally extract the soundtrack from it.
  • Provide a video monitor window, or full-screen display, of the imported video in sync with any of the available Ardour timecode sources.
  • Display a frame-by-frame (thumbnail) timeline of the video.
  • Allow for a configurable timecode offset.
  • Lock audio regions to the video.
  • Move audio regions with the video at video-frame granularity.
  • Export the video, trim start and end, add blank frames and/or multiplex it with the soundtrack of the current session.

The setup of the video subsystem is modular and can be configured in different ways, including:

  • One machine for all video decoding, video monitoring and audio editing tasks
  • Two machines, one for video monitoring, one for Ardour
  • Three machines, separate video server (for timeline decoding and file archive), dedicated video monitor, and Ardour

Ardour does not:

  • allow for more than one video to be loaded at a time.
  • provide video editing capabilities