Interchange with other DAWs

It has never been particularly easy to move sessions or projects from one DAW to another. There are two interchange standards that have reasonably widespread support:

  • OMF (Open Media Framwwork), also known as OMFI. Developed and controlled by Avid, never standardized
  • AAF (Advanced Authoring Format). Developed by a consortium of media-related corporations.

In practice both of these standards have such complex and/or incomplete specifications that different DAWs support them only partially, differently, or not at all.

Moving an Ardour session to another DAW

To move an Ardour session to another DAW, you have 3 basic choices:

  • Stem exports
  • Copy the interchange folder
  • Use AATranslator

Moving another DAW session to Ardour

To move a session from another DAW to Ardour, you have 2 basic choices:

  • Stem exports
  • Use AATranslator