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MIDI List Editor

The MIDI List Editor window
The MIDI List Editor window

The List Editor is a way to look at the MIDI data of a region, not graphically as they are displayed in the Editor, but in a tabular form. This way of seeing the MIDI data allows for a quicker "debugging" of a MIDI region, and for a fast non-graphical (i.e. no mouse involved) editing. This list has a vertical flow, i.e. the first events (in time) are on the top of the window, and the latest are at its bottom.

It is accessed by selecting the Region > MIDI > List Editor… menu while having one MIDI region selected, or by Right clicking the MIDI region and choosing Name_Of_The_Region > MIDI > List Editor…

The window displays the following MIDI data:

Startthe timestamp of the start of the note
Channelthe MIDI channel of the event
NumThe MIDI number of the note
NameThe MIDI name of the note, made of its english name and octave (e.g. "C4")
Velthe velocity of the note (i.e. its intensity, between 0 and 127)
Lengthduration of the note, either expressed as a number (in ticks, related to the tempo) or as a text (fraction of a beat, also related to the tempo)

At the top of the window is a Sound Selected MIDI Notes, which is a toggle button allowing to listen to a note as it is selected.

Each value can be manually modified, by Left clicking it. The Name field is related to the Number one, and cannot be edited. To change a note, its number must be changed, which will be reflected in the Name field.