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Controlling Playback

The playhead
The playhead

The playhead is a red vertical line that indicates the current position of playback.

Positioning the Playhead

Positioning the playhead at the current pointer position

Pressing P will set the playhead to the current position of the mouse pointer, if it is within the editor track area.

Positioning the playhead on the timeline

A Left click anywhere on the Ruler will move the playhead to that position.

Positioning the playhead with the transport clocks

Clicking on either the primary or secondary transport clock and editing their value moves the playhead to a specific position.

Positioning the playhead at a marker

Right clicking on the marker and selecting either Locate to Here or Play from Here will place the playhead at the marker's position.

Alternatively, placing the mouse pointer on the marker and pressing P sets the playhead precisely on the marker location.

Looping the Transport

When the loop transport button is pressed, the playhead will jump the start of the loop range, and continue to the end of that range before returning to the start and repeating.

While looping, a light green area is displayed in the Ruler over the tracks to show the loop range.

By default, looping is bound to the l key.