Fri Dec 2 2022 14:41:46 CST
> I'm an idiot.. At least this [bug] took about 5 minutes to find.. We need to find some new terms to describe the rest of us mere mortals then. (Craig Schlenter in response to Linus Torvalds's mailing about a kernel bug.)
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19 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
127 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- * corner case bug and a few observations 2018-06-23
200 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Add JWARN like warnings to the RISC assembler 2022-06-03
136 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Add register allocator/deallocator 2019-05-18
141 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Add support for fixed point constants from floats 2020-01-03
183 RMAC Core ggnkua CONF --- Amiga executable support 2022-05-30
194 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- C64 .prg output support 2022-03-16
178 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Disabled code gives errors when it shouldn't 2022-05-30
143 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- EQUs are unsigned, what to do with negatives? 2020-01-03
148 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Expression evaluator and EQUR rewrite and/or cleanup 2022-03-07
139 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Expression evaluator drops the ball with * on absolute sections 2020-01-02
126 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Floating point with immediates 2018-06-09
125 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Implement dxset / dx.b/w/l 2018-06-09
196 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Macro + expression with floating point numbers outside FPU/DSP causes crashes 2022-04-03
124 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Named sections 2018-06-09
184 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- ORG statements with expressions that have unresolved symbols 2022-05-30
210 RMAC Core jlhamm TEST --- Output switch -fr with 6502 code is currently non working 2022-10-26
70 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Proposal for EQUR on steroids 2018-08-22
199 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Tokeniser is fully running inside a disabled code block, can cause problems 2022-04-17
209 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- When exporting to object file, disallow unresolved symbols that are used as a part of an expression 2022-10-17
19 bugs found.


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