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... an anecdote from IBM's Yorktown Heights Research Center. When a programmer used his new computer terminal, all was fine when he was sitting down, but he couldn't log in to the system when he was standing up. That behavior was 100 percent repeatable: he could always log in when sitting and never when standing. Most of us just sit back and marvel at such a story; how could that terminal know whether the poor guy was sitting or standing? Good debuggers, though, know that there has to be a reason. Elec
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26 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
124 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Named sections 2018-06-09
125 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Implement dxset / dx.b/w/l 2018-06-09
126 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Floating point with immediates 2018-06-09
127 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- * corner case bug and a few observations 2018-06-23
70 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Proposal for EQUR on steroids 2018-08-22
136 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Add register allocator/deallocator 2019-05-18
139 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Expression evaluator drops the ball with * on absolute sections 2020-01-02
143 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- EQUs are unsigned, what to do with negatives? 2020-01-03
141 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Add support for fixed point constants from floats 2020-01-03
148 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Expression evaluator and EQUR rewrite and/or cleanup 2022-03-07
184 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- ORG statements with expressions that have unresolved symbols 2022-05-30
200 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Add JWARN like warnings to the RISC assembler 2022-06-03
196 RMAC Core jlhamm TEST --- Macro + expression with floating point numbers outside FPU/DSP causes crashes 2022-12-20
178 RMAC Core jlhamm CONF --- Disabled code gives errors when it shouldn't 2022-12-25
217 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Add undocumented 6502 opcodes 2022-12-25
221 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- No checks for number of parameters in dcb 2023-10-10
222 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Edge case in 680x0 addressing mode parsing 2023-12-04
224 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Small bug in 56k code generation 2023-12-22
225 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Various 56k parser bugs 2023-12-26
226 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Small 68060 code generation bug 2024-03-05
227 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Extend -d command line parameter to also accept hex values 2024-03-06
223 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Wrongly calculated expressions with cross-section labels 2024-03-06
229 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Add more addq optimisations 2024-03-17
230 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Add a unique symbol in order for codebases to detect rmac 2024-03-17
231 RMAC Core jlhamm UNCO --- Make short branches illegal when creating object files 2024-03-23
183 RMAC Core ggnkua CONF --- Amiga executable support 2022-05-30
26 bugs found.


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