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Strip Silence from Audio Regions

The Strip Silence window
The Strip Silence window

The Strip Silence tool allows to remove the parts of one or multiple regions that are below a user-defined silence threshold. It does not destroy the underlying audio, but trims the regions according to the silence threshold parameter. The edit applies to all selected regions, allowing batch processing.

The window, accessible either through the Region > Edit > Strip Silence menu or right click on a region > Name_Of_The_Region > Edit > Strip Silenceis made of:

Threshold The audio level under which the audio is considered silent (in dBFS)
Minimum length A minimum number of samples for Ardour to create a split. Under this number, the region won't be sliced
Fade length Ardour adds fades, both in and out, to the trimmed regions, to the created region (so the sliced regions are longer by both the in and out fades duration, expressed in samples)
A progress bar showing the time Ardour takes to compute the trimming based on the current parameters

Changing any parameter in the window is reflected in the main editor: the silent segments are highlighted and the number and durations of the shortest segments is displayed, helping fine-tune the parameters.

strip silence: view of the audio strip silence: view of the audio after
Strip Silence : a view of the audio while changing the parameters, and after treatment

The minimum length for silence can be useful when editing very percussive material and just needing to automatically trim the ends of a region.